An Early Morning at Folsom Lake

Early Morning at Folsom Lake; Doton’s Point,
Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, Folsom, CA; MAR 2019

This past week, we had a morning where the rain clouds were breaking up in the early morning. I chose that day to explore Doton’s Point trail at Folsom Lake Recreation Area; a trail that was new to me. The grasses and other plants were displaying their spring green. The early morning sun helped saturate the colors. Spring was at its finest. I went with the expectation that I might see some different birds. Instead, I discovered that it was time for some landscapes.

The beautiful rocks in this image are granite. The area around this portion of Folsom Lake is called Granite Bay because of the abundance of granite in the area. Like the Sierra Nevada mountains, this area sets on a pluton, a large blob of magma that cooled slowly underground to form granite then was uplifted and exposed.

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Early Morning at Folsom Lake – P2;
Doton’s Point, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, Folsom, CA; MAR 2019

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Autumn Images

Autumn Sunrise at Twin Lakes

Autumn Sunrise at Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Bridgeport, CA; OCT 2017

As winter approaches, it is time to share some of the autumn images I collected over the past few months.


Augusta Riverwalk, Savannah River, Augusta, GA; NOV 2017

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Giant Sequoia – Their Sculptural Beauty

Image of the trunk and roots of a giant sequoia tree.

Untitled, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, JUL 2011

Five years ago, I saw the giant sequoia for the first time. Like most people, I was in awe of these giant trees.  Their imposing size and their presence in the forest really impressed me.  My images Among the Elders and Sequoia Giganteum attempt to capture the scale of these trees.  However, I also found that the furrows and ridges of their bark create a sculptural beauty that is striking.  Over the ensuing years, I’ve taken images of a few trees whose patterns really struck me.  Here is a sample of what I found.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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