More Images From Phoenix

Here are some more images from my recent visit to the Phoenix area.

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The Lenten Rose

The Lenten Rose, or Helleborus, is a beautiful flower that blooms much of the year for us in the Sacramento area. But, the blooms are at their most spectacular in the spring. Most of the flowers are a dusty rose color but they are sometimes yellow, green or a creamy white. For me, I love looking out the front door at our 2 plants. I took these images in the early morning, after a rain. I hope you enjoy them too.



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Arches National Park

We took a day on our road trip and spent it at Arches National Park. During an evening and a morning, you can see many of the main attractions but there is a lot to see that require short to moderate hikes. I hope to go back and spend a few days hiking.
The park is located over a geologically unstable salt bed. The movement of the salt bed and the earth’s tectonic forces caused large blocks of sandstone to uplift. Over millions of years, the sandstone eroded forming the arches and rock monoliths we see today. The park service claims more than 2,000 arches; some just a 3 foot opening through a mountain to the largest: 306 feet base to base. There are massive stone walls whose size, shapes and eroded faces bring pagan temples to mind. There were lots of wildflowers and some wildlife.

I left thinking that I’d like to spend time watching the sun, moon and stars rise and set over these geologic wonders. To me, it is a spiritual place. Our mistake was not giving ourselves the time to take in the spirit.

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It’s a gray day here in Sacramento but spring is just around the corner. With spring comes flowers. I can’t wait for the poppies and the lupin to bloom. But, that is for a future time. Today, I’ll share a summer flower; the agapantha. I hope it brightens you day.

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