More Images From Phoenix

Here are some more images from my recent visit to the Phoenix area.

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Images of A Few Birds

Here are some images of birds I took over the past few weeks.

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Thought magpies are common in many areas, the Yellow Billed Magpie is found only in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.

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Visitors to the Saguaro

I visited Phoenix, AZ recently. I stayed at a beautiful place at the foot of South Mountain. The place had a patio that overlooked the city and at the corner of that patio was a large saguaro cactus. The mornings were beautiful, so I sat on the deck and watched the birds as they visited the cactus. Here is some of what I saw.

The starling was not taken on the same cactus. It was sitting outside its nesting hole on a cactus at another location.

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