A Spring Morning on the Cosumnes River

My wife, my mother and I decided to visit Daffodil Hill, a beautiful spring attraction in Amador County, CA.  After the visit, we decided to wander some of the lesser traveled roads in rural El Dorado and Placer counties; an area where my wife spent a lot of time during her childhood.  As we wandered, we crossed a small bridge spanning the North Fork of the Cosumnes River.  The Cosumnes is a 52 mile long river starting as 3 forks in the Sierra Nevada, eventually merging with other rivers and flowing into the San Francisco Bay by way of the Sacramento/San Juaquin delta.  We were somewhere along the North Fork near Somerset, CA.  The recent rain and snow, brought on by the El Nino, has given us a brief respite from the years of drought.   The river was flowing rapidly through this shallow gorge.  The morning sun filtered through the forest, highlighting the bright spring green of life reawakening.

I hope you enjoy these 2 perspectives of this beautiful canyon.

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A Visit to San Diego Zoo Safari Park

With an impending trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa, this year is shaping up to be a year where I concentrate on wildlife.  My love has always been more intimate landscapes, so I truly enjoy the opportunities to shoot wildlife in the context of a landscape.  Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, an 1,800 acre wildlife sanctuary that displays animals in large open enclosures where they can roam and exercise.  Though the animals are the highlight, it is landscaped beautifully and is well worth a visit.  I hope to get back sometime and spend more time photographing both the landscapes and the wildlife.

On this visit, it was overcast and rainy.  Even so, the wildlife was out and active.  I hope you enjoy these images from my visit.

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Wildlife in Carson Valley, NV

Long Eared Owl

Long Eared Owl, Washoe Lake State Park, NV, FEB 2016

This past weekend, a few of my friends and I did a wildlife shoot in Carson Valley, near Minden, NV.  Our guide was John Humphrey, a local wildlife photographer (www.akawolf.com).  He provided us with access to private lands that we would not have had access to ourselves.  It was a beautiful morning and we got plenty of interesting opportunities to shoot.  Hope you enjoy these images.

Great Horned Owl


Bald Eagles in Nesting Tree

Bald Eagles and Nest, Minden, MV FEB 2016

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl, Minden, NV FEB 2016

WIld Horse

Part of a Band of Wild Horses, Minden, NV FEB 2016

Great Horned Owl Chasing a Magpie

Great Horned Owl Chasing Magpie, Minden, MV FEB 2016

WIld Horses

Part of a Band of Wild Horses, Minden, NV FEB 2016

WIld Horses

Part of a Band of Wild Horses, Minden, NV FEB 2016