Two Images from Washingtom

Last week, I was in Washington visiting my son and his family.  It was a great week capped off with a camping trip on the Puget Sound.  We camped at Sequim Bay, on the Olympic Peninsula, near the point where Puget Sound meets the Strait of Juan de Fuqua.  It was a beautiful weekend and lots of fun.  I took a few images and want to share 2 with you.

Sequim Bay, WA

A Sunrise on Sequim Bay, Sequim Bay, WA (Click Image to View Larger Copy)

The first is A Sunrise on Sequim Bay.  The sky was overcast on this early morning.  Fog shrouded the mountains to the north and west.  The water was smooth as glass except where gentle currents caused small ripples.  The only sign of life were the few gulls beginning their hunt for breakfast.  The sun found a few small breaks in the clouds which allowed it to highlight the sleeping vessels and parts of the shore.   A confluence of events that provided a moment of peace and tranquility.  Look at the image, close your eyes and imagine yourself there for a few minutes.  I hope it will brighten your busy day.

West Peak, Mt Olympus and Glacial Valleys, Hurricane Ridge National Park, WA

West Peak, Mt Olympus and Glacial Valleys, Hurricane Ridge National Park, WA (Click Image to View Larger Copy)

The second is West Peak, Mt Olympus and Glacial Valleys.  This image was shot near the visitor center at Hurricane Ridge National Park in the Cascade National Forest.  In this case, dramatic clouds obscured most of the sky.  Breaks in the clouds allowed bright sunlight to dapple sections of Mount Olympus and the surrounding peaks, highlighting the glaciers and valleys below.  I felt a longing while viewing this scene.  My spirit wanted to hike up to that mountain valley and camp by the stream.  I wanted to be near the base of the glacier; to see and touch the glacier before our changing climate devours it and drives it to extinction.

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