Taking Better Photos – The Importance of Vantage Point


You are at your child’s soccer game. You dutifully take your seat in the stands and, as action progresses, you get some great shots of the back of your child’s head or standing after the action is over. You are driving and see a neat scene, you stop, hop out of the car or roll down the window, take the shot and, it just doesn’t do justice to what you saw. You are disappointed, but, Oh Well, you aren’t a professional, you are using your smart phone camera so you can’t expect much and that is just how it is.

You’d be surprised how one little tip can make a big difference: move around and find the right vantage point.

At an athletic event, don’t set in the stands.   Stand and move along the sidelines, facing the action and take pictures of the faces and bodies as you see the action unfold.   Be careful not to get onto the field or in the way of the ref. Also, if you are shooting into the sun, faces will be dark so change your angle to minimize the backlighting.

Photographers will tell you to “shoot the light”. The angle of the light can make a world of difference. It impacts the color of the scene and how shadows and light interplay to make the scene interesting. Often, just walking a few feet in one direction or another will make a scene more interesting. Just be careful, don’t walk off a cliff, into traffic or fall into the water.

Try this simple tip. Let me know how it works for you.